Dear esteemed followers,

Thank you for choosing to follow this blog. I am not sure what has pushed you to do so since my ramblings here are rather inconsistent and self-serving. Nevertheless, thank you.

When I started this blog I didn’t plan on paying any attention to whether I had followers or not. On the first day, after my very first post here, I gained two. I was dumbfounded and excited at the same time. I also found it rather daunting because it meant that the success of this blog might, in my mind, depend on it gaining momentum in the ethereal world of blogging. I have since learned that while it thrills me to have new followers, I luckily haven’t become obsessed with gaining more.

As you may have noticed, I do not allow comments on any of my posts. On my other blogs, comments have helped me gain incredible insights and some very good friends but here I have chosen to keep it all just to myself – so that I wouldn’t, as has happened before, start writing based on what people have commented on, what they have said, and who did the commenting.
But curiosity burns me – as it always does.
Why did you choose to follow this blog?
Was it because of something specific I wrote about?
Was it by accident?
Was it to see whether I could keep to my resolutions?

as it turns out, not really in February

If you have the time and the inclination to do so, I would be very grateful to know why you have become a follower of A Year Of Resolutions.
The comments are on, but only for this entry.

If you choose to comment here, thank you.
If not, that’s ok too.

I wish you a wonderful whatever time of the day it is as you read this.

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Freelance photographer, writer, producer, and anthropologist. My passions in Life are travelling and sharing the world I see with those who care to pay attention.

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